Sulfate-free? YES PLEASE!

Although most of our guests purchase our excellent hair products, we have those that seem skeptical. Some ask if there is truly any difference between our products versus the drug-store brands. They wonder if it's actually worth spending an extra $20 or so. To put it simply, YES! We absolutely believe that our hair products are 100% better for your hair compared to the drug-store brands. Ask any stylist at any salon, and you're going to get the same answer: Salon products are ALWAYS going to be more beneficial and successful in maintaining the health of your hair and the life of your color. 

First, let's talk about the obvious: the ingredients. We've all seen drug-store brands claiming that they contain the same ingredients as professional products. Well this can actually be true; however (which I'm sure you were expecting), although those products may contain some of the same ingredients, you'll often find that the ratios are entirely different. Many drug-store products contain a ton of water, which dilutes the "vitamins and nutrients" that they're supposedly filled with. So, yes, they can have all of those glorious ingredients that we all love, but they will not have nearly as much as the salon hair products. 

Next, why don't we talk about sulfate-free products. Most of the shampoos we sell at the salon are sulfate-free. I have a ton of people say, "The shampoo isn't working! I put a 'good' amount of shampoo on, and it's doesn't get sudsy." Two things: 1.)Sulfate-free shampoos aren't going to lather like a drug-store brand. The sulfate they're referring to is the ingredient used to create that sudsy, bubbly sensation that too many people associate with the hair getting clean. The sulfate isn't what is getting your hair clean, it's those other glorious ingredients that we were talking about earlier! 2.)What you might consider a good amount may not actually be the right amount. Unlike the handful of drug-store shampoo you may be used to using, you only need a pearl size of sulfate-free (maybe 2 depending on the length and fullness).

Here's my opinion about salon hair products versus drug-store brands (coming from someone who isn't a stylist and may be considered "bias" by others), USE SALON PRODUCTS! I promise, at first, the thought of spending $30 on shampoo sent me into panic mode when I could spend $2 at Wal-Mart. But after some convincing from a few co-workers, I finally made the switch, specifically to Kevin Murphy's Young Again Shampoo/Conditioner. I fell in love! My hair has never felt as healthy in my life. I'm a blonde (thanks to my amazing stylist), so I need to 1.) keep it healthy from the inevitable damage from bleach and 2.) maintain the gorgeous color that I just paid good money to have! If you can't bring yourself to spend $30 or so on shampoo that you're unfamiliar with, then come get a mini. Here at the salon we sell mini bottles of most of the products we carry. They're about $6 and they should last you about 5-7 shampoos. 

TIPS... Shampoo: make sure you're hair is VERY wet. The sulfate-free shampoo does well with more water. You may repeat. The second shampoo will lather more (for all of you who associate bubbles/suds with being clean!); Conditioner: Squeeze out the excess water. Unlike the shampoo, the conditioner does better with less H20. Rinse thoroughly.

Let me leave you with a metaphor from a stylist. All wine is made from grapes, similar to how all shampoo can be made from the same ingredients. Although some wine costs $5 a bottle, many would rather spend $80 on wine because it's much better quality. The same goes for shampoo. Yes, it's much cheaper to spend $3 on drug-store shampoo/conditioner, however, you will get more bang for your buck spending that extra $20 or so.