Stylist of the Month: Shalein Hamilton

Shalein Hamilton is a New You "veteran." She's been a dedicated employee since New You opened its doors in 2008. Growing up, she always loved doing hair and playing with makeup, so she knew cosmetology school was the perfect choice for her after attending a high school career fair. Shalein has accomplished so much during her 22 years in the industry. After doing hair for many years, Shalein became an instructor and taught cosmetology for two and a half years at the Aveda Institute in Jacksonville, Florida. During that time, she taught both beginners and Masters classes. Through Aveda's continuing education, she was able to keep her skills current and continue to improve as a stylist, even when she wasn't exclusively behind the chair. Since Shalein's passions are anything and everything related to cutting and coloring hair, she's always keeping up with the latest trends. Her favorite trend is color melts, which is a technique used to achieve an ombre look. She loves the depth at the root as it gradates into the lighter ends. She especially enjoys doing fashion colors, like bright purples and blues. Her favorite product is Kevin Murphy's Anti-gravity spray, which she uses in her own hair. She describes it as a light-weight spray that gives volume and weightless hold to fine hair. She reccomends it to anyone that wants a little extra volume without feeling like they have a lot of product in their hair. She notes it smells awesome too! Shalein stays inspired by her co-workers, as well as some of the industry greats including Sam Villa, Justin Thomas, and Guy Tang. Her favorite part of her job is meeting so many new people and helping them reach their hair goals. Shalein says, "There is no better feeling than when someone is excited about what we've accomplished with their hair. It makes the rest of my day amazing!"

“I tell you that a clever, thoughtful, ambitious hairdresser weilds a power beyond the comprehension of most people. . .”
— John Steinbeck